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Annual Report 2015-2016

If we look back on 2015 we would definitely classify 2015, as the year of hope and promises. Did we actually deliver on our promise? Did we actually accomplish all that we were targeting?

CHATA, as the eyes and ears of the industry would like to voice its position on how the 2015 tourism industry developed.We started out the year with great industry results. Did you realize that we celebrated an average of 80% hotel occupancy during the 1st Quarter of 2015? We celebrated additional airlift with JetBlue, Air Canada, AirTransat, InselAir, KLM, TUI and others. We even saw an increase in Tourism arrivals, Hotel ADR & REVPAR and CHATA membership.With so many positive achievements, how is it possible that we are not delighted with the results?

2015 was also a year of high hopes that was met with empty promises. We started out the year with an amazing vision. The vision included alignment of the tourism industry and its two most important entities CHATA & CTB. The vision included the development of a “Strategic 5 Year” tourism MASTERPLAN. The vision included a stronger approach on branding and destination awareness.The vision included an increase in hotel rooms with new development projects such as Hard Rock Hotel and Marriott Courtyard being part of the mix.

Could it be that we are becoming an industry of high hopes, but no results? Could it be that we are not fulfilling our promises? What will it take for us to reach that next level of performance and destination development?

Why is it that even though we see some positive results on individual levels within the tourism industry, we still have not fulfilled our potential? What are the steps we keep skipping? By all accounts we agreed, that a new master plan will give guidance and bring structure. Don’t we all agree that we can’t move forward without making some tough, but key decisions?

Last year we said, CHATA must take the lead. At the same time, taking the lead comes with its challenges and opportunities.Taking the lead is standing for something. Our vision is clear and we are moving full force ahead.

To read and download the complete Annual Report 2015-2016 click here.

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