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Attract US guests to your hotel by participating in our US Destination Marketing Campaign

Join the 10 hotels that have been participating in the last 6 months and have already seen some great results!

Because of the massive measurable impact, what started off as a pilot project in October 2021, has now been extended until the end of 2022, with more hotels joining each month.

So far, we’ve been able to:

  • Reach over 250 thousand potential US-based travelers per month
  • Entice over 100 thousand potential US-based travelers to take action 
  • Measure noticeable increases in interest for Curaçao
  • Measure clear direct US revenue impact for the participating hotels

Why join NOW?

Hotels that joined after the 3-month mark, have noticed an immediate impact on their website visitors and bookings from the US market.

  • You’re jumping on a moving train – we’ve already gained momentum!
  • The audiences are already well defined and have been nurtured with Curaçao specific content for 6 months now – we have warm leads.
  • We now know what works best, meaning fewer experiments and more bang for your buck
  • More and more hotels are considering joining, meaning a larger budget and more overall impact

The objectives

This campaign started off with one main goal which was to create more destination awareness for Curaçao. After several brainstorming sessions with the group, we set clear objectives.

The objectives set for this campaign were:

  • Create more destination awareness for Curaçao as an island
  • Monitor monthly searches for Curaçao related keywords and grow over time
  • Reach potential travelers who are considering travel before they choose their destination
  • Engage them with content about Curaçao as a prime Caribbean destination
  • Once engaged, introduce them to the participating hotels, and drive traffic to the hotel websites
  • Show available offers per hotel, enticing potential travelers to book a stay at one of these properties

Sign up now and take advantage

By signing up now, you can take advantage of the opportunity and jump on this moving train! 

Choose 1 of 3 tiers for participation:

  1. High visibility: $2.250 per month
  2. Medium visibility: $1.500 per month
  3. Low visibility: $750 per month

The more you invest, the larger the impact!

Starting at just $750 a month, you can:

  • Reach over 10 thousand potential travelers with YOUR hotel ads
  • Get quality visitors with a real desire to travel to visit YOUR website
  • Help gain more awareness for Curaçao as an island and dream Caribbean destination
  • Get monthly insights into the campaign statistics through reporting sessions and email reports

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