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August Visitor Arrivals 2019

The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) is reporting a 5% growth in stayover visitor arrivals for August 2019. Precisely, in total 1,834 more visitors were registered in August 2019, bringing the total count to 38,928. The year to date for stayover arrivals is now 313,930, which is 13% increase over previous year. 

Our leading producing region Europe grew 11% for the month. Arrivals form the Caribbean region jumped 42% for the month of August. North America recorded a decline of 8%, while South America declined by 15% primarily because the Venezuelan border is closed and it was open at this time last year. Despite the decline in North and South America, the diversity of our tourism source markets still resulted in positive growth for the month of August. The significant increase from the Caribbean was directly related to the North Sea Jazz Festival and of course, twice-weekly service from Port of Spain with Caribbean Airlines. Trinidad & Tobago had a 237% increase in visitor arrivals in the month of August. 

The overall visitor nights grew by 1% in August 2019. In total 326 thousand visitor nights are registered. Out of Europe, tourists spent 210 thousand nights in Curaçao, a 6% increase in visitor nights. North and South American visitors spent respectively 44 and 43 thousand visitor nights in August. Visitors from the Caribbean region spent 26 thousand nights in Curaçao.

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