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Carlos Anthony; First ‘Yu di Korsou’ Curaçao Culinary Team manager

“It’s a great honor to be the first ‘Yu di Korsou’ who will fill the shoes of the Curaçao Culinary team manager and to fully represent our dushi island at the Taste of the Caribbean in Miami from June 6th till June 10th” says Carlos Anthony.

Carlos Anthony started his Curaçao culinary journey in the year 2010 where he won the title Curaçao Senior Chef of the year, during this year the Curaçao Culinary team won bronze at the Taste of the Caribbean in Puerto Rico. In 2012 Carlos Anthony obtained the title Curaçao Pastry Chef of the year, which he represented successfully at the Taste of the Caribbean in Miami and won three silver medals (1 for the team competition, 1 for the cheesecake competition and 1 for the pastry competition). In 2013 Carlos Anthony represented Curaçao again as the pastry chef and won the gold medal for his cheesecake at the cheesecake competition. This was also the first time that Curaçao obtained a gold medal for a pastry competition. In the year 2014 Carlos and the Curaçao Culinary team brought home three silver medals, of which he won one for the pastry competition and one for the cheesecake competition.

Being able to always learn something new, to meet new people, the willingness to win over and over again and the opportunity to be a ‘bon yu di Korsou’ by representing our island abroad is Carlos Anthony’s driving force and motivation every time. This same motivation is what Carlos wants to transmit to the participants for the Curaçao Culinary Competitions. “Participating at the Curaçao Culinary Competitions is a great opportunity to upgrade your CV, a fun way to learn new things, to represent Curaçao and to better yourself as a Senior Chef, Junior Chef, Pastry Chef and Bartender’’ says Carlos Anthony.

“By starting small, you can build the foundation that eventually leads to confidence in the kitchen.” Carlos Anthony is a good example that by starting small, you build up a foundation, which leads to confidence, and he is reaping the fruits of this, which is seen, in his culinary growth. Carlos Anthony is Chef de Cuisine at Nemo Restaurant, since 2014, he is also to be seen on TV and has done many workshops for schools.

With great pride Carlos Anthony steps in the role of Curaçao’s culinary team manager and gives a 100% to lead the Curaçao Culinary team to another year of great achievements!
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