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CCR Investment signs Cooling Service Agreement with Zaktio District Cooling

WILLEMSTAD – CCR Investment (owner of the building Curaçao Caribbean Resort, former Hilton) is the first to sign the Cooling Service Agreement with Zakito District Cooling. Zaktio District Cooling intends to provide cooling to all the suitable, basically centralized cooled, buildings between Rif and Piscadera, such as the World Trade Center Curaçao, Residence Piscadera, Renaissance, and the New Hospital.

Rolf Sprecher (Managing Director, CCR Investment): “Zakito District Cooling is a no-brainer for us. With no investment costs for us to connect to the system it will result in immediate benefits. Besides being very environmentally friendly, the system is very good for business too. For our future expansion plans of ca. 300 rooms we also intent to use the service. Cooling amounts to ca. 70-80% of our total energy consumption. The Zakito District Cooling system offers us the possibility to realize cooling at a lower, basically flat and predictable cost for a 15-year term. The system will thus make our operations much less vulnerable for the ever fluctuating energy costs. Especially for businesses with low profit margins, energy cost fluctuations can be a substantial risk for their long term profitability. Furthermore, the system will help the island “to go green” much faster, which has great marketing value for the hotel industry but also for Curaçao as a whole. We have been actively following the technology for almost 15 years and have total confidence in the Zakito District Cooling consortium to realize the project successfully”.

By using the free Naturally Cool TM cold deep seawater the Zakito District Cooling system can cool buildings with only 10% of the energy if compared to the current air-conditioning systems. Environmentally, the system thus reduces CO2 output by 90% and the use of harmful refrigerants (ozone and HCFC’s) by 100%. Provided timely receipt of all permitting and final contracting with remaining clients, Zakito District Cooling intents to start construction in Q4 2019.

Gilbert Gouverneur (Managing Director of Zakito District Cooling) “We know Deep seawater is one of the most reliable, sustainable and cost stable energy sources in the world. Especially for island nations, deep seawater is a valuable source of growth. With large scale seawater projects like this it will be possible to not only provide reliable (hurricane and tsunami proof), sustainable and cost effective cooling for many clients, but also develop the spinoff potential which could provide all the vegetables (greenhouses) and seafood (aquaculture) for the island, a potential new economic pillar for Curaçao. Deep Seawater technology is a logical option in the journey towards green and more self-sufficient islands, independent of foreign influences like fuel and food markets.”

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