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CHATA 50th anniversary

 A lifetime commitment to deliver an effective contribution towards the creation of a vibrant and sustainable tourism and hospitality product for Curaçao.

WILLEMSTAD: – This is an exciting year for CHATA as they are celebrating their 50th anniversary.  Although a cause for joy, the association ponders on the industry today, by first doing a backward glance to what motivated the founding members to establish the association that today is a representative for the entire hospitality and tourism industry in Curaçao. The Curaçao Hotel Association was established in the year 1967 but in the 80’s amended the statute and changed this to Curaçao Hotel and Tourism Association (CHATA), to allow the participation of non-hotel tourism partners. In 1998 the name was changed again, this time to Curaçao Hospitality and Tourism Association (CHATA).

Founders of CHATA were hoteliers and proprietors of Inter-Continental, Hilton, Bianca and Americano, together they envisioned what the industry should be like at that time, but this vision still inspire the members in 2017.  The purposes of the association was- and still is to deliver a visible and effective contribution towards the creation of a vibrant and sustainable tourism/hospitality product for Curaçao. First members of CHATA included Americano, Avila, Bianca (Hotel Holland), Coral Cliff (Sunset Waters), Country Inn (Trupial Inn), Curaçao Inter-Continental (Plaza), Park Hotel, Piscadera and San Marco, then with a total accommodation capacity of 500 rooms.  Today 2017, CHATA has more than 200 members which together offer the industry an accommodation capacity of 3,653 rooms.

Because of its large membership base CHATA is able to provide thorough insight from the tourism industry based on the field experience of its members to other tourism partners such as the Curaçao Tourist Board. CHATA always believed in the power of partnership and works together with numerous stakeholders from the private and public sector in order to improve the local tourism product. Furthermore, CHATA encourages collaboration within the tourism sector and provides many platforms in which members can come together to discuss challenges and opportunities for the sector such as the dive task force, sustainable task force, attractions task force and the Curaçao Convention Committee in partnership with CTB.

CHATA currently consists of a team of 4 young professionals; Miles Mercera; President and CEO, Vianny Henriquez; Marketing & Product Manager, Selina Maduro Gumbs; Marketing & Events Senior Executive, Victoria Liendo; Marketing & Research Executive. CHATA has a board consisting of 11 members; 8 accommodations and 3 allied members.

The CHATA Board defined on a short term some key priorities that include the execution of the MOU between CTB/CHATA, Restructuring of the CTDF, Execution of the Tourism Master Plan, Airlift and Marketing. “Curaçao is a unique island in the Caribbean with boundless potential. However, in order to grow the tourism industry, we need to communally commit to tourism. There are many issues that need our collective attention, such as, cleanliness, safety and security, customer service, innovative marketing and funding for the tourism sector. CHATA urges the community to take ownership of this industry. To improve our tourism product all entities and residents of the island need to pledge to take action towards improvement.  The entire community benefits of the wellbeing of this industry; more reason for us to try and influence the tourism industry for the better.” this according to Miles Mercera, President and CEO of CHATA.

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