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CHATA Attractions Task Force Takes Germany!

Exposure on Timmendorfer Strand

Willemstad, July 31, 2021 – The CHATA Attractions Task Force (ATF) is setting their mark in Germany, literally! The CHATA ATF, along with the Curaçao Tourist Board in Germany (CTB), collaborated with Timmendorfer Strand to brand one of the beach chairs with the Curaçao Things To Do’s famous postcard. Curaçao Things To Do is the official name of the CHATA ATF’s website and social media pages. The CHATA ATF exists of CHATA Members, Curaçao Sea Aquarium, Hato Caves, Landhuis Chobolobo and Serena’s Art Factory.

Timmendorfer Strand receives approximately 1,600,000 overnight stays / 350,000 German visitors per year and is considered one of the most fashionable Baltic Sea resorts with a great touristic offer. Despite the pandemic, a total of 5,643 German passengers visited Curaçao, and so far, till June 2021, 2,504 German passengers have visited Curaçao. Therefore, having brand exposure on the beach is a great opportunity for the CHATA ATF to attract German tourists to Curaçao.

This is not the only thing the CHATA ATF has been working on with Germany. The Curaçao Things To Do postcards have also been printed in Germany and will be distributed at different tradeshows and to other travel agencies by CTB.

The CHATA ATF is constantly looking for ways to create more brand awareness for their attractions and exposure for Curaçao. This collaboration with Germany is hopefully the beginning of a great partnership and a contribution to Curaçao’s tourism recovery.

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