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CHATA Board elects new Chairman

Mr. Hans Slier, Owner & CEO of Papagayo Beach Hotel and Papagayo Beach Resort takes on a new role and responsibility as the Chairman of the Curaçao Hospitality & Tourism Association. The CHATA Board elections took place on April 9th 2018 followed by a CHATA Board Retreat which took place on May 2nd 2018. During the board retreat, the CHATA Board elected a new Chairman for the association. Mr. Hans Slier succeeds outgoing Chairman Mr. Edward Suares who held the position until April 9th.

“The Board and Membership is thankful for Mr. Edward Suares’ leadership over the past months as the Chairman of CHATA and wishes the new chairman Mr. Hans Slier all the best in his new role in leading the association.”

In his first words as the new Chairman of CHATA Mr. Hans Slier states that “I believe that we are presently in a crucial time frame in which we need to realize the changes which we fought for as CHATA for a very long time. We need a strong, committed and widely accepted leadership to realize these changes. Our main goals will continue to be to advocate and support the restructuring of the CTDF board, attracting a strong CEO for the CTB within a short time-frame, Prompt implementation of the Tourism Master Plan, ensuring that sufficient funds are available for the execution of the Master Plan and most importantly establishing a strong partnership and good working relationship between the CHATA, the CTB and the Government.”

 The CHATA Board will continue to work together with the government, CTB and other stakeholders within the industry to further develop the sector and achieve its goals for 2018.

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