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CHATA elects new board of directors

Willemstad, April 23, 2021 – On April 22, Curaçao Hospitality and Tourism Association (CHATA) held its virtual Annual General Member Meeting (AGM), where it elected its new board of directors.  A total of 12 candidates were vying for the 10 vacant positions on the board.

Every year during AGM the members have the opportunity to elect members for the Board of Directors. Members elected 10 new board members, 7 members who represent an accommodation and 3 allied members. This year the CHATA Members nominated the following candidates to partake in the upcoming board election. The accommodation candidates running for the board were: Arriën Lekkerkerker (Villa Tokara), Biray Ögüt (Corendon Mangrove Beach Resort), Edward Suares (Corendon Hotels & Resorts (Livingstone)), Hans Slier (Papagayo Curaçao), Liselotte Bos (Oasis Premium Resorts), Mark Nooren (Curaçao Marriott Beach Resort), Mimi Luttge (LionsDive Beach Resort), Robbin Vogels (Avila Beach Hotel) and Rolf Sprecher (Lionstone Development). The allied candidates running for the board are Omar van der Dijs (Licores Maduro), Peggy Croes (Curaçao Airport Partners), and Rick van der Pluijm (TUI).   

After counting the votes to see who the new CHATA board members will be, it was concluded that Hans Slier, Liselotte Bos, Mark Nooren, and Robbin Vogels were reelected, however the board now welcomes Edward Suares, Mimi Luttge, and Rolf Sprecher as new members of the CHATA Board. As the allied members election exists of three allied members, Omar van der Dijs and Peggy Croes were reelected and the board welcomes Rick van der Pluijm as the new allied member of the CHATA Board.

Together with the current CHATA board member, Maylin Trenidad (Renaissance Curaçao Resort & Casino), the reelected CHATA board members, Hans Slier (Papagayo Curaçao), Liselotte Bos (Oasis Premium Resorts), Mark Nooren (Curaçao Marriot Beach Resort), Omar van der Dijs (Licores Maduro), Peggy Croes (Curaçao Airport Partners), Robbin Vogels (Avila Beach Hotel), and new members, Edward Suares (Corendon Hotels & Resorts (Livingstone)), Mimi Luttge (LionsDive Beach Resort), Rick van der Pluijm (TUI), and Rolf Sprecher (Lionstone Development), CHATA once more has a board consisting of 11 members.

CHATA also thanked the outgoing Board members, Alette Borger (Dolphin Suites), Jerry van Gijn (MCB), Frank Holtslag (Dreams Preferred Club Curaçao), Ricardo Esteban (Dreams Curaçao Resort Spa & Casino), and Rob de Bekker (Santa Barbara Resort), for their dedication and contribution to CHATA in the last year.

Maria-Helena Seferina-Rojas, Managing Director of CHATA, provided the attendees who joined virtually with a quick update on the state of the industry. She touched base on our current situation and CHATA’s projections which included that tourism will not be expected to bounce back to normal levels by the end of 2021, however the sector will be seeing a gradual recovery over 2021 as the vaccine project progresses.

CHATA has also highlighted the recovery efforts and emphasized on the vaccination program as well as the urgency of the financial aid needed. It was also mentioned that it was communicated to the Government for them to improve the NOW/TLV aid programs in order to make them more suitable for the current situation. CHATA is also continuously pushing for the implementation of the Level Playing Field legislation as well as the establishment of the CTA, explaining that once the new Minister of Economic Development is installed, these projects can continue its process.

Towards the end of the session, the Chairman of the CHATA Board, Mr. Hans Slier, took the time to give his final remarks, after Maria-Helena identified the key responsibilities for 2021. Some of the key responsibilities is for CHATA to continue being an effective public policy voice for the membership, to stimulate development of education and overall image of the industry among young ambassadors and to increase arrivals with the growth of airlift in North and South America while maintaining the air service in Europe, and with this more differentiation.

CHATA thanks its members for always supporting the association and the sector as we continue with our efforts on the road to recovery. It is important to maintain togetherness during these times, as together we can rebuild, together we are stronger and together we can realize dreams.

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