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CHATA Established Restaurant and Beach Club Task Force with Lauw Jacobs as Chairman

Willemstad August 20, 2020 – Earlier this month, CHATA signed the Memorandum of Understanding with Chairman, Lauw Jacobs, and board member, Lex Hanskamp, to establish the CHATA Restaurant and Beach Club Task Force (RBCT).

The purpose of the CHATA RBCT is to continuously promote more sustainable practices within the restaurants, beach clubs, bars, event promoters, cafés, and nightclubs as well as the hospitality and tourism sector. Aside from the task force’s main objective, the task force has been set up with the intention to develop collaboration between CHATA and the Curaçao Restaurant Association (CRA).

Throughout the years, CHATA has established and represented different task forces such as: Attractions, HR, Restaurant, Sustainability, Arts, Culture and Heritage, Dive, MICE, Marketing, Taxi and Luxury Task Force. The CHATA Restaurant and Beach Club Task Force is a great addition to the umbrella representing everything hospitality and tourism related. CHATA, along with its task forces, will continue to work collectively towards creating a better destination experience for our tourists and locals, while also strengthening the collaboration between the different businesses in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry. 

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