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CHATA Hosts New Year’s Event with a Twist

Willemstad, February 12, 2021 – It’s needless to say that last year did not go as planned and 2021 is still full of uncertainties. Despite the rough ending of 2020, CHATA opens the new year full of hope and positivity with their annual New Year Event, but with a twist. The CHATA team wanted to show their members how appreciative they are for their membership and their dedication to CHATA by inviting them to a safe and controlled drive-thru New Year’s Event at the Renaissance Curaçao Resort & Casino, with all necessary hygiene measures in place. CHATA thought it to be a momentum that despite of the many challenges the sector had to face last year, and is still facing, to also show a certain positivity and hope going forward.

Roughly 150 guests arrived in a ‘COVID-safe’ way, one after the other in their cars, as they fell in line at the roundabout near the fountain. Prior to entering the line, they received a warm welcome from the CHATA Team and a welcome drink. Once the lane was filled with 15 cars, the guests received a snack-box catered by Renaissance. Each car was parked in front of a vertical screen and the presentation began, where the guests could enjoy the presentation in the comfort of their own car.

The presentation started off with CHATA Chairman, Mr. Hans Slier, extending a warm welcome to the guests. He continued with giving a brief acknowledgement to the former CHATA CEO & President, Mr. Miles Mercera, for his dedication and achievements made while being a part of CHATA. After expressing his gratitude to the team and members, Hans gave the word to Maria-Helena Seferina to continue on with the presentation.

Maria-Helena started her speech with a short introduction of herself and continued by addressing the achievements made throughout the challenging 2020. She stated that despite the pandemic and its repercussions, the team continued to support its members as best as they could. After the recap of the 2020 achievements, she carried on by communicating the goals that CHATA has set in place for 2021 and introducing CHATA’s slogan of the year ‘Realizing Dreams Together’. Aside from implementing the ‘Curaçao Tourism Authority’ and the ‘Level Playing Field’ legislation, “CHATA will be focusing on the continuation of the tourism recovery process for the destination and its membership. Throughout 2020, it was evident that collaboration was key to the survival of many businesses. Therefore, it is crucial to continue collaborating and endorsing togetherness in order to recover and reap the benefits as one island destination,” said Mrs. Maria-Helena Seferina.

After the presentation, the cars continued in a single-file line towards the exit of the lane, where they receive a dessert box. Before existing, Maria-Helena Seferina along with the CHATA Board waved them goodbye and wished them a safe ride home.

CHATA is extremely grateful for their members and is proud that they were able to support them during a time of need and gained their trust. CHATA firmly believes in working together. Together we will rebuild, together we will be strong, together we will become a one island destination, full of opportunities for everyone.

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