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CHATA & MCB Successfully host Breakfast Meeting at Omundo

After a successful Breakfast meeting in May 2015, CHATA hosted its second breakfast meeting of 2015 at CHATA Member Omundo. The Breakfast meeting at Omundo featured presentations by Media 599’s Wouter Meeuwisse, SoWifi’s Annet Kooistra, and Seconds Minds’ Alex Hollander who took attendees to the meeting on a digital journey in hospitality.

After a delightful breakfast, sponsored by CHATA member & partner, Maduro & Curiel’s Bank; SoWifi, Media 599 and Second Minds provided insight on how the traveler is influenced in the travel-booking phase. The lack of efficient and effective digital tackling in Curaçao was addressed. This led to the identification of opportunities, which businesses can tackle to convince potential bookers. The latest digital trends were addressed, with how to be responsive and adaptive to the requirements of travelers. Furthermore, Second Minds’ Alex Hollander provided tips on how to increase exposure through digital channels. This incorporated strategies on how to create leads to websites, accommodation bookings, social media and overall digital interaction with potential customers.

The attendees were advised by SoWifi’s Annet Kooistra and Media 599’s Wouter Meeuwisse on how to create content for their websites, apps and digital channels to positively influence the traveler’s reactions to digital exposure. The visitors to the MCB Breakfast meeting immersed themselves in an informative and interactive session, after which a question and answer session allowed parties to request clarification on matters which were still unclear to them.

CHATA reminisces on yet another successful and purposeful meeting and extends its gratitude to its member and partner Maduro & Curiel’s Bank for sponsorship of this well attended breakfast meeting at Omundo. These partnerships form the foundation to move forward towards tourism development.

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