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CHATA Member Meeting Q1 2016

Strategic Tourism Master Plan serves as a compass for CHATA

Willemstad (February 22nd, 2016) – On Monday February 22nd, CHATA held its first quarterly Membership Meeting of 2016 at the Curaçao Marriott Resort & Emerald Casino. The member meeting is a platform where CHATA invites speakers to present on current issues of importance to the business and tourism sector. During this meeting, CHATA also takes the opportunity to provide a quick update on the performance of the sector and to introduce new projects.

The Membership Meeting was characterized by an inspiring keynote speech by the Honorary Minister of Economic Development & Tourism, Mr. Eugene Rhuggenaath. The Minister’s speech was about the implementation of the Strategic Tourism Master Plan. The Strategic Tourism Master Plan 2015-2020 is necessary to make a choice for tourism to become the strategic spearhead to catapult the island to new favorable horizons in the coming years. “Having a plan is not everything. One must be able to convince others to join. Imagine what can be achieved in the future with the right vision’’ according to Mr. Eugene Rhuggenaath.

Other topics of this afternoon were New Room Tax Policy presented by PWC and Client Satisfaction presented by Bas Hoogland, former CCO of LandalParks. In light of the recently introduced tax changes and the importance of compliance, CHATA deems it necessary that its members remain up to date. Therefore, Mrs. Farine Torres-Larmonie from PWC provided an overview of the important Tax Changes and their impact on the business and the tourism industry.

Bas Hoogland elaborated on different key points in order to increase customer satisfaction. ‘’It all starts with the company culture, the company has to create an environment in which people feel appreciated so they can thrive’’.

During this meeting, CHATA also provided an overview of its new programs and projects for 2016. During 2016, an important focus for CHATA is going to be an awareness campaign highlighting the importance of Tourism. In collaboration with its members, CHATA is developing several projects such as Flavors of Curaçao and various fundraising plans. CHATA will also increase its taskforces adding a Culinary and a Human Resource Task Force, which contribute to the growth of these sectors. “We’re all part of Curaçao and should work together (#huntu) to create awareness and added value to our island by engaging the most important subsectors of the tourism sector” said Liza Dindial, CHATA’s CEO.

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