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CHATA Organizes Protocol Training in collaboration with the Government of Curaçao and CTB

Willemstad, June 15, 2020 – Since the Government of Curaçao announced that the borders will be gradually opening for visitors from abroad, CHATA, in collaboration with CTB, is making sure that the Tourism Industry is ready to welcome them by providing a Protocol Training. In May 2020, CHATA released the ‘Best Practice Protocol’ in collaboration with GMN as a guideline and now GMN, along with Dr. Izzy Gerstenbluth, will be training the industry based on the protocols that have been adjusted accordingly to the most recent developments regarding COVID-19.

The Protocol Training, which is taking place today, will be focusing on how to remain hospitable during COVID-19 times, while still adhering to the protocols provided by GMN. The training will be given to one staff member of each invited establishment and they will continue to spread the training and knowledge on to other staff members within their establishment. The morning will start off with an introduction by CHATA’s President & CEO, Mr. Miles Mercera, during which Mr. Mercera will give an update on the latest developments within the tourism industry before he passes the floor to Dr. Izzy Gerstenbluth. Dr. Gerstenbluth will be answering some frequently asked questions regarding the purpose of the protocols, how to comply with them accordingly and the importance of practicing these protocols while welcoming visitors.

After Dr. Gerstenbluth’s presentation, Ms. Sydelle Ricardo, who is a senior trainer and coach and director of Curaçao Phoenix Foundation, will continue the training with preparing the staff on how to react and answer certain questions when the situation presents itself. The focus of her training, Mastering Hospitality, will be on the importance of staying hospitable and motivated during these tough and new times. It is important that the guests feel safe and that they are receiving outstanding service, even though there are new measures to be taken.

CHATA is appreciative of the partnership with CHATA member, Renaissance Curaçao Resort & Casino, and thanks them for generously hosting the industry for the training. In order for Curaçao to be ready to welcome guests, it is important to prepare the sector respectively by making them aware and keeping them informed of the protocols. CHATA looks forward to welcoming the tourists to the island in a safe and proper manner.

Organizations that are active in the Tourism Industry and would like to know more on how to prepare accordingly can contact CHATA for more information, or visit the website

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