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CHATA partners up with Tuna Creative Agency and Fresku Studios for CuraçaoNow

WILLEMSTAD – CHATA is partnering up with Tuna Creative Agency and Fresku Studios for the production of the CuraçaoNow magazine. The in-room magazine titled ‘CuraçaoNow’ is an exhibition of our island, with local secrets and insider tips to excite our visitors to explore, discover and experience everything our island has to offer. Whether it’s on land, at sea or underwater, the in-room magazine is a guide to learn more about Curaçao, to introduce visitors to new and unique experiences that will fit specific traveler’s needs and to inspire them to try different things.

The CuraçaoNow 2021 edition will be introducing several new concepts, not only to the content of the magazine, but also in its production and publications. Together with Tuna Creative Agency and Fresku Studios, the concept is changing from an annual hardcover magazine to a bi-annual softcover magazine, for an easier read and exploration. There will also be more activity on the social media platforms such as Instagram (@curacaonow) and the Facebook page Curaçao Now, as well as the website.

CHATA is pleased to work with Tuna Creative Agency and Fresku Studios and is looking forward to the result of the 2021 CuraçaoNow in-room magazine. The in-room magazine will be distributed to all CHATA Members Accommodations.

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