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CHATA Publishes first edition of its Trends & Facts Report

CHATA is always seeking to add value to CHATA Membership; it is within that context that CHATA has published its TrendReport with a focus on trends within the key markets of North America, South America and Europe.  The CHATA TrendReport relieves the members of conducting burdensome research on each and every market they focus on.

The Trend Report addressed trends and facts of the key markets highlighting opportunities, information on the airline industry and more relevant in-depth information! With this new addition to CHATA’s portfolio, there is enough justification for all organizations operational in the Tourism & Hospitality industry to become a CHATA Member!

Should you, as a CHATA Member, have not received the CHATA Trend Report for any reason, please send an e-mail to to receive a link to download the CHATA Trend Report.

Let’s jointly foster Tourism & Hospitality development in Curaçao!

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