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CHATA supports the introduction of tourism as part of the primary curriculum

Willenstad, 29 September 2022 – CHATA, the advocate of the private tourism sector in Curaçao,  is pleased with the Government’s initiative to introduce Tourism as a part of the primary school’s curriculum. The launch of this important initiative took place earlier this week at Coromoto College.

CHATA has been urging  the relevant authorities of the importance of including  tourism as part of school’s curriculum, in order that  all students are made aware at an early age of the importance tourism has for the island. And  the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) deserves much credit for having achieved this.

The continuity of this project is important and CHATA is committed to lending full support in this. Not only is learning and understanding tourism important in primary schools, and CHATA will work together with the public sector in  broadening this over several other types of education. It is valuable to instill the awareness of tourism and its contribution to the economy in the youth of Curaçao.

The awareness can stimulate curiosity and encourage the youth to pursue a job in this dynamic and broad field of tourism.With the many tourism projects in the pipeline, this project will contribute to the further development of tourism in all its facets. Especially since the industry is  struggling filling vacancies with local workers. 

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