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Corendon is now a proud member of CHATA

Corendon, a leading player in the travel industry, has announced its renewed affiliation with CHATA (Curaçao Hospitality and Tourism Association). This move marks a significant milestone in the ambition to create a widely embraced vision for a sustainable future of the tourism sector in Curaçao. In a time where both opportunities and challenges arise, Corendon emphasizes the importance of a united approach involving all stakeholders.

The company recognizes that strong advocacy groups like CHATA are essential worldwide for the thoughtful development of the tourism sector, with the support of all involved parties.

Atilay Uslu, the founder and CEO of Corendon, is known for his dedication to collaboration and sustainable growth. His commitment to CHATA’s renewed plans demonstrates his determination to contribute to a prosperous future for Curaçao’s tourism sector.

CHATA is delighted and grateful for Corendon’s renewed engagement and trust. Together, they will devote full energy to strengthening and nurturing the tourism sector of Curaçao. This united effort promises a promising future for all involved, and CHATA looks forward to the fruitful collaboration ahead.

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