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CTB honors 12 of Curaçao’s Luminaries

WILLEMSTAD – December 19, 2019 – On December 19, during a pleasant reception at Landhuis Chobolobo, the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) unveiled its planner and agenda for 2020. Each year, as part of the “Curaçao is Dushi” campaign, a special theme is chosen for the planner, aimed at inspiring and creating awareness in the community. The theme for 2020 will be honoring twelve of the island’s native luminaries for their continuous contribution to our community. The twelve honored were Gilbert “Gibi” Bacilio, Anselmus “Boy” Dap, Filomena “Elia” Isenia, Hubert “Yubi” Kirindongo, Diana Lebacs, Benedicto “Beno” Martis, Eligio Melfor, Rina Penso, Serapio “Shapo” Pinedo, Norman “Rudy” Plaate, Eric Wederfoort and Benjamin “Shon Benchi” Wefer. Both the planner and the agenda feature pictures and a brief message by each. 

During the reception, CTB CEO Mr. Paul Pennicook handed out a plaque to each of these luminaries, as a token of recognition and appreciation for the way they have been putting their talents to use in their specific fields, including declamation, music, poetry, diving, arts, writing and acting.“Today’s travelers especially those from the colder climates do not just come to this region for the great weather and beautiful beaches…. but for much more- like, culture, history and heritage. They travel for the experience. What you do with your talent enriches ‘The Curaçao Experience’,” said Mr. Pennicook.  

The CTB wishes to congratulate each of these luminaries. Thank you for your contribution to the social and economic development of Curaçao. 

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