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CTB Launching New Curaçao is “Dushi” Video Clip

WILLEMSTAD- January 24, 2020 – The Curaçao Tourist Board(CTB) recently launched a new video clip as part of its Curaçao is “Dushi”(pron.: Doo-shee) campaign, aiming to make the island’s inhabitants more aware of how privilege it is to call this island home and be part of its community. The new Curaçao is “Dushi”video clip is based on a song by well-known singer Raichel Martina, better known as Mraizz and is directed by the young and talented Ryan “QD” Navarro. In it, the CTB showcases a number of locals who daily, through their talents and otherwise, make our country proud.  

The lyrics describe our country, our people and the importance of working together towards common goals, while drawing attention to the fact that we are in fact the island’s ambassadors and should always be ready to assist visitors who have chosen our country as a destination. The video clip features: 2018 Miss Universe top-10 finalist Akisha Albert, artist Serena Janet Israel Anthony, cook Geraldine “Zus di Plasa”Boelijn, athlete Liana Diaoen, musician Gilbert “Dibo” Doran, artist Hubert “Yubi” Kirindongo, Alton Paas (President of the Alton Paas Foundation), artist Carel Rink, UNU Director Kurt Schoop, athlete Matthew Sophia, cookYvonne (di Plasa) Troeman, professional diver and instructorEric Wederfoortand 2018 Senior League World Series Champions – the Liga Pariba team.

Our thanks go to all who were featured in the new Curacao is “Dushi”video clip. For more information on this campaign, please visit www.korsoutadushi.comor search for“Korsou ta dushi” on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. Let’s take good care of our country and share it with our visitors. Curaçao is “dushi.” Live it. Love it.

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