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Curaçao Airport Partners receives MCB Prize 2019 from Maduro & Curiel’s Bank

WILLEMSTAD – Maduro & Curiel’s Bank introduced 23 years ago a prestigious recognition at the end of the year; the MCB Prize. This prize award ascertains our promise to continue developing and supporting our dushi Curaçao and at the same time creating a social relationship with our community. The MCB Prize recognizes a person, event, organization or company that according to our humble opinion stood out and/or made a bigger positive impact in our community throughout this year.

This year for the 23rdconsecutive year, Maduro & Curiel’s Bank will be granting this Prize. This year we have chosen an organization that has recently been selected as the 7thbest in its category in the Central America and Caribbean region. We are referring to the prestigious Curaçao Airport Partners. 

As I just mentioned, they are not only the 7thbest airport but also the most beautiful one in our region. It is extremely important for us to realize that our airport is the engine for the growth of our tourism industry, but also facilitates all of us who travel, pick-up or drop-off any passenger. Our airport is of essential importance to our economy, to our island and for us to be able to connect worldwide.

In 2003 Curaçao Airport partners, a consortium of private international investors consisting of Aport (Zurich airport), Janssen de Jong (of the Netherlands) and CCR (Brazil), signed a 30 year concession agreement with the Government of Curaçao; the DOMA – Development, Operation and Maintenance Agreement, and obtained the financial, operational and development risk of Curaçao International Airport.

Since 2014 our airport was handling about 1.8 million passengers. In view of this growth, Curaçao Airport Partners initiated the planning and design of the extension of the airport terminal in order to accommodate a projected 2.5 million passengers.

Privatization of the airport operations resulted in optimal managerial and financial efficiency, while achieving and exceeding international standards in airport operations and management.

In 2016 Curaçao Airport Partners was financed for a substantial amount in order to execute the expansion of the existing terminal. We are proud that we have cemented our trust in this organization.

At the beginning of this year, the state of the art international airport terminal was inaugurated, positioning Curaçao as a competitive airport in the Central American and Caribbean region. As mentioned before, Curaçao Airport partners was selected by SkyTrax World Airport Awards 2019 as the 7thbest regional airport in the Central American and Caribbean region.

As an important stakeholder in our tourism industry, Curaçao Airport Partners also shows the importance of being a good corporate citizen by supporting noble causes like Fundashon Sinta Ros and providing volunteer work for Stichting EHBO.   

Maduro & Curiel’s Bank believed in CAP and we are proud that together with more investors, we were part of this great project to develop our airport. A project that expanded the tourism sector in Curaçao, but also contributed to the positive growth of our local economy.

Reason why we’re very proud to give MCB Prize 2019 to Curaçao Airport Partners.

Masha Masha Pabien and Thank you for believing in our Dushi Curaçao!

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