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DMO announces New Director

The DMO Board would hereby like to inform you that of February 19, 2018 DMO have appointed a new, young and dynamic Director named Carine Ghazzi (32). She will be replacing Mr. R. Zuiverloon.

Carine Ghazzi has a background in the retail and real estate industry in the Netherlands. In her previous job as consultant she worked for different retailers and governmental organizations on projects concerning the improvement of shops, inner cities and shopping areas. This experience will be very useful in the development of Punda. She is very excited to work for this unique area and to bring improvement together with all involved stakeholders.

We wish her all the best in our midst. And you can expect more information about her in the upcoming weeks and the direction that she wants to take DMO.

For additional information you can always contact DMO at:

Cell: +5999 511 2185
Tel: +5999 461 8244



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