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First KLM Dreamliner at Hato

WILLEMSTAD – On March 31, 2020, for the first time, a KLM Dreamliner landed at the Curaçao International Airport. The aircraft remained overnight so that the crew does not have to be changed.

On April 1, 2020 the plane left for Amsterdam. The Dreamliner 787-9 is currently being used instead of the much larger Dreamliner 787-10. This counts as the official successor to the KLM Boeing 747-400, which had its last flight to Curaçao for the last time a couple of days prior.

The Boeing 787-10 can accommodate 344 passengers at KLM, including 38 in Business Class, 36 in Economy Comfort and the rest in Economy Class. It means a hefty capacity reduction compared to the retired Boeing 747-400 that could hold 408 passengers.

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