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Help the Curaçao Economy Bounce Back: Introducing

All sectors, especially the tourism sector in Curaçao has been hit very hard by the COVID-19 crisis.

Tourism is completely flat and will soon have to start over again slowly. On our beautiful island, many companies depend on tourism. All of these companies and their employees are affected but the companies that are not dependent on tourism are also struggling.

Spin Internet Media and, in collaboration with CHATA as a media partner, will launch the platform as soon as the lock down ends!

The platform can be used to promote vouchers for future use, vacationing on your own island, getting your PADI, go to Klein Curacao or take a nice tour! Restaurants, cafe’s, shops and spas can also participate. It will also include the option for anyone to contribute to Voedselbank Curacao, an organization that helps families in need with meal packages.

In the end, we are all affected by the Coronavirus.
None of us have a crystal ball and nobody knows how long the coronavirus will have an impact on our daily lives. But it is certain that the aftermath will continue for months. The economy is being hit hard. The only thing we can do right now is to try to ease the pain by helping all affected companies on Curaçao.

Companies will be able to promote themselves in a unique way starting at ANG 125 per month (a reduced fee of ANG 100 per month for CHATA members for the first 3 months).

Contributions support the CHATA Education Fund:
20% of all contributions in the first 3 months will be donated to the CHATA Education Fund, which will support valuable projects such as Kla pa Turismo, Culinary Team, Stars of the Industry and CHATA Academy. 

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