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Hurricane Preparedness Kit

Hurricanes are a seasonal occurrence for the various Caribbean islands and Curaçao is no exception. Curaçao is located on the fringe of the hurricane zone, but there’s still a chance that a hurricane will hit one or more of the islands.

That’s why businesses and people living in Curaçao must ensure that they are properly informed of the effects and potential consequences of a hurricane. Good preparations and a number of precautions will reduce the damage and effects of a hurricane or severe storm, and in some cases even prevent them. This is why CHATA has compiled this kit: a clear, compact instruction manual on how to take simple steps and measures to prepare for the hurricane season.

For more information, please visit , like the risk management page and download the ‘’Calamity’’ app called ‘’Kalamidat’’ in Google Play Store or the App Store from Apple.

Click here to open the Hurricane Preaparedness Kit.

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