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MEO in close cooperation with the Ministry of Administration, Planning and Service Rendering (BPD) announces: The start of the campaign ‘Turi’ directed towards the registration of all tourist accommodation in Curacao

As from 2020 the Government of Curacao will introduce a change in the law concerning the registration of alternative accommodation in Curaçao. This means that all owners must register their accommodation. Anticipating the change in the law, the Ministry of Economic Development (MEO) in close cooperation with the Ministry BPD have launched a pilot project called ‘Turi’, the goal of which is to inform the community and to open possibilities for the persons concerned to register as from now.

‘Turi’ symbolizes our tourist sector; diverse, vibrant and colourful, full of opportunities to continue developing and growing. Besides MEO and BPD, partners such as CHATA and CTB will support the pilot project. ‘Turi’ was formed on the basis of the need in the sector to achieve a better overview of the quantity and quality of rooms offered to tourists on our island. In order to achieve this, the government has created the opportunity for all owners of alternative accommodation to register their accommodations August 23rd through December 2019. Owners of alternative accommodation are persons, who own one or more hotels and persons, who rent one or more flats, apartments, bungalows, bed & breakfast or individual rooms to tourists.  The registration serves to create a better quantitative and qualitative overview of the local accommodations, an inclusive public registry and to form a databank that contributes to a.o. the formulation of policy for the sector and an economic analysis of the sector.

In order to register your accommodations during the ‘Turi’ project you must have the following documents; valid identification of the owner of the accommodation, a letter of authorization and an identification of the person authorized (if the owner authorizes another person to register), the registration at the Chamber of Commerce (up to three months old), the receipt of the application for a residence permit.

You can register personally Monday through Friday 8 am through 3 pm at the Permit Window (Lokèt di Pèrmit), Saliña 127 (next to Subway) or you can follow the registration link on the website of the Government of Curacao ( under the heading ‘Lokèt di Pèrmit. You can also download the form from the website of the government and complete it on the website. You can print it out, complete it and send it with the above-mentioned documents to

All registered accommodations will have a confirmation from the Permit Window with the data registered.

For more information about ‘Turi’ and the registration of your accommodation, you can call the Window Permit, tel. 0800-1515 or visit the office during office hours.  

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