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Register for Different Workshops at CHATA’s Stay Home Academy

Willemstad, April 8, 2020 – No time is ever wasted if you are learning something new, that’s why CHATA is making sure you put your time to good use. CHATA is introducing the concept of the ‘CHATA Stay Home Academy’, a series of virtual workshops, both practical and theoretical, to keep you busy, improve your abilities and add new skills.

The CHATA Stay Home Academy will start this week with workshops from a variety of CHATA Members and Partners ready to showcase their skills. However, it’s not only CHATA Members and Partners who are offering their expertise on the matter, there’s also an online Hospitality Management Certificate Program available at Florida Atlantic University with a duration of two weeks. CHATA is also offering, in collaboration with SVH, the Stay Home Hospitality Academy Curaçao, which will give all hospitality employees the opportunity to follow different packages of e-learning courses online, completely free, for two months, in which 185 people already registered.

The first week of CHATA’s Stay Home Academy will include the following:

Wednesday April 8, 2020
There will be a webinar available provided by Caribbean Hospitality and Tourism Association (CHTA) from 2PM – 3PM, where they will discuss ‘Debt Restructuring: Planning Now for Long Term Survival’.

The first workshop will be with Café Barista, from 2PM – 4PM, where Fabian Pava will show you ‘How to Prepare an Excellent Coffee’, ranging from Espresso, Black Coffee, Cappuccino, Café Late and Moccachino, all with an espresso machine. After which Luigi Chavarria, from La Vie en Rose, will present a pastry workshop, where you can learn how to bake your own Pumpkin Loaf Cake from 4PM – 5PM, so you can enjoy your coffee and your pastry every morning.

Thursday, April 9, 2020
Starting this Thursday, FAU will offer the Hospitality Management Certificate Program every Monday and Thursday till April 23, 2020, from 2PM – 5PM. This program will focus on key content areas such as, hospitality marketing, revenue management, tourism law and more. To finish off your Thursday smoothly and to start your long weekend off right, you have the chance to learn how to make cocktails with one of Caña Bar & Kitchen’s bartenders, Wesley MacDonald from 5PM – 6:30PM, during his Cocktail 101 workshop.

If you’re interested in participating in any of the abovementioned workshop, please register at, you can also find more information on the CHATA Facebook Page. Stay tuned for more of CHATA’s virtual workshops.

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