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Registration for Bartender of the Curaçao Culinary Team 2021 is officially open

Willemstad, August 1, 2019 – On August 1, 2019 CHATA held a thank you ceremony for the sponsors of the Curaçao Culinary Team 2019 at CHATA Member Licores Maduro. Also, CHATA announced that registration is now officially open for bartenders  to compete to become the bartender of the Curaçao Culinary Team 2021.

Recently the Curaçao Culinary Team competed at the Taste of the Caribbean competitions in Miami where the team amassed several medals, including the Bartender of the Year Award. During their thank you ceremony, CHATA announced that they are currently looking for a new Bartender to join the Curaçao Culinary Team 2021. This bartender will join the training session of the Curaçao Culinary Team 2020 and be able to attend the Taste of the Caribbean Competitions in 2020 before competing in 2021.

Furthermore, CHATA took the opportunity to thank and celebrate all the sponsors and team coaches of the Curaçao Culinary Team 2019 who made the many trainings and actual competition of the team in Miami back in June possible. Through their support the sponsors and team coaches have made a direct contribution to the development of our main tourism product, our local talents. The sponsors and coaches are: Helmi Smeulders (Thelma & Louise), Frans Smits (Capriles Kliniek), Carlos Anthonij (Amazia), Hans van Triest (Chef of the Year 2006), Gideon Maduro (Verve Creations Curaçao), Mangusa Hypermarket, Centrum Supermarket, Esperamos Supermarket, Chobolobo, Firgos Delinova, Dani’s Fruit Center, Fayad Fruits Center, Hertz Car Rental, Savanah Car Rental, Royal Rental, Amazia, Irodice, Café Barista, Luxury Taxi, Happy Paintings, Tramm, Kokolishi, Angels Embroidery, A&J Liquor and Tabacco Store, Oasis Coral Estate, LionsDive, Ananda, Avila Beach Hotel, Serena’s Art Factory, Acoya Resort Curaçao, Panaderia Isa, Margil Party Rental, Lovers, Coca Cola, Renaissance Curaçao Resort & Casino, All Star Embroidery, Licores Maduro, Nolly’s Party Rental, Klinika Capriles, Academy Hotel, TUI, Mosa, Dolce Vita,, Bacardi, Concept Statement, Phoenix Foundation, Bali Restaurant, Eastern Dynasty, Fleur de, Marie Eatery, David Bertad Photography , BroSaun, Kroon Cakes, Curaçao Liqeuer Cakes, Adorable Cakes, Curaçao Delights, Banco di Caribe, Caribbean Bakery Supplies, Bacardi, Licores Maduro, Kos Ta Bon, Café Old Dutch, EMHA BV, De Buurvrouw, In de Kazerne, Vivian’s Nursery, Flacos, Experentia, Refeneria di Isla, Thelma & Louise, Curaçao Tourist Board and CINEX.

CHATA finds competitions such as the Taste of the Caribbean very important, as we not only manage to put Curaçao on the map but it also give youngsters a chance to prove themselves and grow in the industry.

For more information and updates on the Curaçao Culinary Team 2020 please follow CHATA on

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