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Scuba Lodge donates over $2500 to CARF and GreenKidz

WILLEMSTAD- October 10, 2019 – Boutique Hotel Scuba Lodge has donated a check worth $2546 to Curaçao Animal Rights Foundation (CARF) and GreenKidz. The donations have been collected through the Dollar-a-Night program launched in January 2017 by the Boutique Hotel. Ever since the official launch of this program, the two aforementioned organizations have been receiving donations every quarter.

Last week, CARF received a cheque worth $1.323. Meanwhile, a total of $1.223 has been collected for GreenKidz in the past quarter. Over the past year, Scuba Lodge has asked every guest at check-out which foundation they wanted to support. For every night spent at Scuba Lodge, one dollar goes to charity. In this way, guests are involved in the charities supported by the hotel. 

“The idea of the Dollar-A-Night program was created in 2016 when we were regularly told by tourists that litter and stray dogs on the island are a problem. Scuba Lodge wants to contribute to the island and people who work hard every day to make Curaçao a better place for tourists and residents, ”says Christina Sieperda, General Manager at Scuba Lodge & Ocean Suites.

“That’s why we chose to become regular supporters of CARF and GreenKidz. Two years later, both problems are still relevant, and our hotel guests are still responding positively to our Dollar-A-Night program. It’s great that every three months we can contribute to the noble work of both CARF and GreenKidz, “says Sieperda.

With the donation, veterinary bills are paid, and pupils are made aware of the environment and recycling. In addition to these gifts, both foundations can also count on the support of the Scuba Lodge team. Last weekend for example, the hotel staff assisted the CARF volunteers during a puppy adoption event at the city beach of the hotel. Earlier this year, GreenKidz unveiled a special recycling wall on the beach at Scuba Lodge that was created by recycling artist Roberto Tjon-a-Meeuw and pupils.

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