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The CTB and local partners promoting Curaçao
in the Netherlands and Belgium

WILLEMSTAD- April 20, 2021 – The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB), joined by private-sector partners, recently participated in some promotional and network events in Belgium and the Netherlands, highlighting all that Curaçao has to offer as a tourist destination. The Curaçao team met with consumers, travel agents, tour operators, as well as other (independent) travel-consultants.

This marks Curaçao’s first time at Vakantiesalon Brussel, the largest travel fair in Belgium, with over 1150 exhibitors and approximately 28,695 visitors. A team consisting of CTB and eight local partners represented Curaçao at the fair over the course of four days, providing information on what Curaçao has to offer to consumers trying to find the ideal destination for a family vacation or honeymoon.

Curaçao also joined forces with Aruba to organize the first edition of the Caribbean Roadshow Belgium. At the event, the CTB was joined by 10 properties. The two-day roadshow with 75 participating travel agents and tour operators included one breakfast event and two dinner presentations in three of Belgium’s Flemish/Dutch-speaking cities: Ghent, Hasselt and Antwerp. The Curaçao team showcased our destination, accommodations and activities, as well as the connection to the island, offered by Air Belgium, while at the same time having informal exchanges with travel industry professionals.

The third event was the second edition of the TravDay fair held in the Netherlands. There, the CTB, together with 7 properties, met with independent travel consultants, travel-agency and tour-operator CEOs, and others involved with product sales in general, to provide them with the most up-to-date information on Curaçao’s tourism product.

The CTB wishes to thank all private-sector partners making up the Curaçao team at the fairs and the roadshow.

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