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The Curaçao Culinary Team demonstrates excellent skills at the Taste of the Caribbean Competitions

Willemstad, June 26th, 2018– The Curaçao Culinary Team is performing great at the Taste of the Caribbean Competitions in Miami. They have already competed in several competitions and are prepping for the junior chef, pastry chef, chef of the year and bartending competition taking place today.

The team coaches are very happy with the performance of each individual team member. They have demonstrated exceptional skills throughout the several bartender competitions, seafood, beef and team competitions. On Saturday the team had the opportunity to participate in the Caribbean305 event where they had to prepare drinks and bites for over 700 guests who came to savor the flavors of the Caribbean islands. Needless to say, the Curaçao booth with its Salt fish and Stew Sandwiches were an instant hit.

The Curaçao team is currently prepping for the last competitions of the Taste of the Caribbean 2018 namely, the pastry competition, junior chef competition, the Chef of the Year competition and the bartender mystery basket competition. The bartender mystery basket competition is believed to be one of the most difficult competitions for the competing bartenders, as they do not know in advance what ingredients they have to work with. After the final competitions of today, the Taste of the Caribbean will announce the winners of 2018 in its award ceremony.

The Culinary Team and CHATA are very grateful for the support of its sponsors that made it possible for these young professionals to represent Curaçao abroad. Furthermore, CHATA and the Culinary Team are also very grateful for the support of the media who covered the journey of the Curaçao Culinary Team at the Taste of the Caribbean Competitions 2018.

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