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Welcome, AFC Ajax

The Curaçao Team’s European-based players have also arrived

WILLEMSTAD- May 17, 2022 – A selection of the Dutch soccer team AFC Ajax arrived in Curaçao on Tuesday, May 17, just days after securing the championship of the Dutch Eredivisie for the 36th time. AFC Ajax will be in Curaçao until May 21, 2022, to participate in a program filled with activities aimed at giving back to the community, such as youth soccer clinics, seminars for coaches and staff and visits to schools and sports facilities. The visit will be capped off with a friendly match between AFC Ajax and the Curaçao Team.

At a press conference held on the same date of the team’s arrival to Curaçao, the CTB, joined by AFC Ajax, the Curaçao Team and Call To Action Management (CTAM), provided the latest details on the program for AFC Ajax’s visit to the island and the friendly match between AFC Ajax and the Curaçao Team, which will take place at the Ergilio Hato stadium (SDK), this Friday, May 20, at 8 p.m. The Curaçao Team is made up of professional, European-based players with Curaçaoan roots, joining the island’s current champion, the Jong Holland soccer team. In the meantime, the professionals hailing from Europe are already on the island.

The CTB and its partners warmly invite everyone in Curaçao to come and watch this momentous friendly match between AFC Ajax and the Curaçao Team. Tickets are available at different points of sale as well as online. For more information, please visit:

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