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Workshop about Vegan Cuisine for CHATA Members

Willemstad, April 10, 2019 – On April 9, members of the Curaçao Hotel & Tourism Association (CHATA) had the pleasure of attending an informative workshop provided by Meredith Marin, founder of Vegan Aruba in collaboration with Arnold van Putten, founder of Vegan Curaçao. This workshop, which was held at CHATA Member City Beach 88 was about vegan cooking and the importance of catering vegan visitors with the appropriate dish.

The vegan market is growing worldwide meaning that it is of utmost importance for Curaçao to have a wide availability of vegan dishes at the different restaurants and hotels in order to cater vegan visitors as well as locals.

CHATA Members who attended this workshop showed high interest in this topic presented by Meredith Marin who gave valuable information about the vegan lifestyle, vegan tourism, vegan customer experience and promotion.

CHATA strongly believes that an expansion of our vegan availability will provide numerous benefits. In addition to animal welfare and the potential health benefits it holds, an expansion of this niche will contribute to the development of Curaçao’s tourism product.

Meredith Marin is an American vegan hospitality consultant who is currently living in Aruba. She works with restaurants and resorts to create inclusive experiences for vegan clients. For more info, please visit:

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